Originally from Minneapolis, MN, I am a software engineer, designer, and photographer living in downtown Winona, MN.  Early in the 21st century I studied computer science in North Dakota, but before graduating moved to Madison, WI to work as a computer consultant. While there I became inspired by the local food movement. In 2009, I became an apprentice on a small, diverse Wisconsin family farm. After the 2009 farming season, I moved back to Grand Forks, ND to put what I learned about farming and local food to use.  In Grand Forks I worked as the produce manager at the local food cooperative, started a community garden, and founded a housing cooperative.

I take photographs with a collection of old, film-era, manual-focus, “fast” lenses.  The digital SLR camera body, with its increasingly sensitive image sensor, coupled with wide-open apertures, allow me to push the limits of available light, depth of field and dynamic range. In many ways my computer ➞ farmer ➞ baker progression mimics the combination of using “old” lenses with “new” digital camera bodies; appropriate technology can be the best of both worlds.